Cynthia MckNight M.A.

Self- Discovery Coach and Platform Speaker

Cynthia McKnight M.A. has the natural ability to touch people in such a way that allows people to be vulnerable and feel comfortable in her presence.  Cynthia has served as a leader and preacher in ministry for 20+ years. Cynthia has worked in prisons, schools, churches, and has done many conferences.  Cynthia is also a 10x winner in toastmasters competitions. Cynthia is a certified Professional Life Coach.  Cynthia is also a mentor, producer, entrepreneur, and master storyteller speaker.

Eyes on You Productions

Cynthia has been the CEO of Eyes on You Productions / Consulting Company for 26+ years producing stage plays and films. 


stage plays

• Come Out Come Out Where Ever You Are
• After Church Is Over
• Steel Toe
• 30 Seconds Left


• The Story of Adam and Eve from a Different Perspective ( on Amazon)
• You Hurt Me But I’m Healed ( YouTube)


• The Second Voice
• How to get your Freak Back

Speaking as an Expert

Cynthia’s areas of Speaking as an Expert are the following:

  • Marriages (program reshape your marriage)
  • Why Men Cheat (webinar )
  • Self Discovery (Courage2Climb Bootcamp)
  • Biblical Teaching (Bibles Lessons)
  • Relationships
  • Parenting (consulted for Parents as Teachers and CEB Community
    Development Building )
  • Goals Setting
  • Reshaping Your Life
  • Money – Stewardship
  • Generosity
  • Life After Divorce
  • How to Win in Life
  • Get in the Game
  • Be You
  • Loving Yourself
  • Meeting the Real You
  • Walking in Your Brilliance
  • How to get your Freak Back (married couples)
  • Acting and Directing tips
  • Tips for auditions
  • Reigniting Your Imagination


Ready . Focused. EnergizeD



(856) 491-2486