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Cynthia McKnight has a Masters in counseling and 20 plus years of empowering and helping over 10,000 women through one on one counseling, small groups, and conferences.

“Cynthia Mcknight is a powerful, anointed, and wise coach! She has helped me to get to places of clarity, understanding, and growth that had previously escaped me. Her insight and compassion are so healing, and she asks the NECESSARY questions. I praise God for her!
Thank you so much for your tireless dedication, and allowing God to use you in my life!”

T. McCoy, MA

“Every time I am in the presence of Cynthia Mcknight I learn something about myself and God. She has a way of making you aware of things that you may have hid from in the past. Which is so important because if you are not honest with yourself you can not heal. The motivation and accountability is so personalized that their have been times I’ve questioned if she has a spy in my house. Every time I have a “Cynthia Mcknight” experience I want to be a better person and strengthen my relationship with God. I will forever be grateful for the opportunity to spend time with my mother and bond in a way we never had at the Identity Project.”

E. Wilkerson

“Cynthia McKnight has encouraged me to be the best version of myself. To accept that I don’t have to be perfect and to know when to say no or admit that I don’t know. I’m now more willing to stretch myself and to be stretched in order to fully realize the gifts that God has given me.”

Elisha F.

“From the first time that I met Cynthia McKnight she received me with open arms . She always lend herself to listen as well as being a voice of encouragement. One of the things that I love dearly is that she loves unconditionally non-judge-mental and she never allows you to forget your purpose in that God has given you she has been an extremely a blessing in my life. She also has a heart of gold for women unlocking and developing the enter-most and bringing forth the light within. Thanks Lady C for all you do it’s so necessary to have your glow and grace on the Earth.”

Lady J


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